FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: VSO Software is upgrading its products with NVIDIA CUDA technology to improve conversion speed.

TOULOUSE, France (February, 8th 2011) – VSO Blu-ray Conversion software products now gain in speed and performance when used with computers equipped with a Nvidia Cuda graphic card.
Instead of using the CPU’s resources, the conversion process is handled by the graphic card resources, improving video encoding/decoding speed dramatically.
This also means that the CPU’s resources are available to perform other tasks while the conversion is running: no more slow computers and extended conversion duration!

Tests show that conversions can be up to 4 times faster with Cuda and uses half CPU ressources and memory.

In Blu-ray to DVD, the decoding part is automatically supported by Cuda if it is detected on the computer. For Blu-ray to PS3 both decoding and encoding will be done by Cuda if selected by the user. Coming next: Cuda support will be integrated in ConvertXtoDVD

About the company
VSO Software is an innovative company located in France (Toulouse). While it started out in 2002 specializing in burning applications, the company has now established itself as a multimedia software editor recognized worldwide. VSO Software is dedicated to producing high quality software with easy to use programs for users of all levels.

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